AP European History Practice – 3 Steps to Test Prep

Need to prepare for an AP European history test, or even the AP Exam? Don’t worry, there’s a simple three step method for comprehensive test preparation. Just remember to start reviewing early enough that you have time to learn everything! (If you’re short on time, see the last paragraph for study resources that can speed your preparation).So, what are the three ways to practice you’re AP European history facts? First, you need a basic grasp of the concepts covered. If you’re studying a specific time period, identify the most important broad themes of the time. Make a list of major movements, like the Industrial Revolution, or Baroque art.Next, you need to crystallize the most important facts about each ‘movement’ or ‘event’ in your list. This is where outlines can be very helpful. Making of finding a few great outlines will help you remember the basics better and filter through extraneous information. Try to create a three paragraph outline with 4-6 specific points per paragraph. You might also want to write a thesis sentence that summarizes your view of the event or its defining characteristics.Second, you need to start learning a little more detail, filling in the gaps from your targeted outline review. Read your European history notes over, or any study guides that you may have. Focus on information that wasn’t covered when you reviewed using outlines, which will give you a much broader and more complex (and realistic) perception of history. Notes are perfect for this task, as they should have plenty of detail but are still be condensed and to the point.Finally, you need to go a little more in-depth. Choose a few topics that you want to ‘own,’ preferably areas that you’re interested in or enjoy. These areas will become your specialty. Create or read high quality essays about your chosen topic, making connections with events in different periods or countries. This portion of the review should give you a very deep grasp of the material, and allow you to dominate any essay question that targets your chosen areas.

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